Journal of Indian Ocean Studies

The Society publishes a journal, titled 'Journal of Indian Ocean Studies' which is subscribed by the Indian Coast Guard and by some universities, libraries and other institutions. Generally, it is aimed to publish an edition every four months. The Editor of this journal is Shri Sudhir T. Devare.


Amb. Sudhir T. Devare (Retd.) : Editor -in -Chief

Amb. J. K. Tripathi (Retd.) : Managing Editor


Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd.) : Former Chief of Naval Staff

Ambassador Sheelkant Sharma (Retd.) : Former Secretary General, SAARC

Lt. Gen Shamsher Singh Mehta (Retd.) : Trustee, Pune International Centre

Ambassador Biren Nanda (Retd.) : Former Ambassador Indonesia & Australia

Prof P.V. Rao : National Professor, ICSSR & Visiting Professor, NALSAR

Vice Admiral Anup Singh (Retd.) : Director Strategic Studies, SIOS

Prof. Swaran Singh : Professor of Diplomacy, JNU | Chairman, Association of Asian Scholars

Commodore C. Udai Bhaskar (Retd.) : Director, Society for Policy Studies | former D.G, IDSA

Prof. Vinayshil Gautam : Vice Chairman, Foundation of Organisational Research and Education (FORE)

Dr. Krishnendra Meena : Associate Professor, School of International Studies, JNU and Secretary General, SIOS

Note : The views expressed herein are in no sense official and the opinions of contributors and the Editor in the published articles are not necessarily those of the Society for Indian Ocean Studies.